Masteron Propionate (Drostanolone Propionate)


Each ml contains 150 mg of drostanolone, each vial contains 10 ml.

Masteron propionate is a faster acting of the two forms of drostanolone. It helps pump water between skin and muscles and gives a cut look in no time.

Recommended dose: 300 mg-500 mg per week


Masteron Propionate is a synthetic steroid made from DHT. DHT does not taste like estrogen, so there is no significant water retention with masteron propionate. This steroid is great for cutting when the athlete already has low body fat. This drug helps the user achieve the dry vascular appearance of a competitive bodybuilder on competition day. Masteron has mild anabolic effects and users may experience an increase in strength and weight, but its primary use is cutting.

Recommended dose: 300 mg-500 mg per week


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